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We are a business services company providing accounting services with an optional add-on prospect management mobile application system that analyzes profit customers or nonprofit donors.

Why Companies Come to Management Insights Group, LLC 
Small Businesses are under pressure to be better, faster, or cheaper than the competition – but companies encumbered with legacy systems can find it impossible to stay relevant with more nimble opposition. Management Insights Group is helping Small Businesses to free themselves from these legacy systems, inefficient processes, and less than optimum business practices, thus placing businesses on the competitive edge. 

We provide standard bookkeeping but suggest our customers extend into our full range of accounting services reducing accounting staffing costs over 50%. In addition to cost savings, our accounting services provide unparalleled analysis and projection services using your data as the foundation and external databases in which we have privileged access. Visit our Accounting Services tab for more information.

Prospect Management
We deliver prospect management applications for mobile devices and PC's that help you drive your customer or donors in the direction you are trying to go. Whether your business is for-profit or nonprofit, our prospect management algorithms improve your decision making capabilities and financial bottom line. You also receive the benefit of combined databases we develop, others we have privileged access, and our customized algorithms that act upon strategic data.

Our product provides insights into your data using research, analytics, data mining, and decision theory keeping the science and algorithms discreetly behind the scenes. Thus, making it powerful yet intuitive, easy to use and understand.

Let us give you a live demonstration of what our product can do for you. Visit our Prospect Management Services tab for more information. 

Christian & USAF Veteran owned business proudly serving DFW Metroplex Area.

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