About Us

Management Insights Group is a business service company that focuses on the needs of nonprofit and for-profit organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.  Our two primary lines of business are in providing Accounting Services and Prospect Management Services to all types of businesses.  Both lines of business offer Standard and Supplemental packages designed to balance your needs and your budget.  Partnering with our company provides real-world business guidance from people who have owned businesses and are currently in an ownership role today.  We are not self-proclaimed academic "experts" who have never held or managed executive business responsibilities but we are university business educated business owners with experience putting Christian business principles into action.  We are also seasoned with the commitment and values acquired from American Veteran dedication where service to the extreme and above all else is a value you just cannot buy anywhere.  Read more about our leadership in the "About Us" link.  We are here to help! 

Management Insights Group