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Productivity and economic growth increasingly flow from business instructions, processes, coding and proprietary data. In other words, software. American companies for the first time, are investing more in software than in other information technology equipment. According to a survey by Morgan Stanley & Co. it has been determined that CIOs plan to increase software specific budgets this fiscal year by 5%, while hardware budgets will increase by only 2%. The primary purpose is to leverage cloud computing. These businesses will pay specialized companies like Management Insights Group to maintain and/or host their data while creating customized software to analyze and interpret that data. Partnering with companies like Management Insights Group allow businesses to substantially increase this "digital transformation," allowing businesses to leverage this technology and remake better processes and products. The study also notes that companies that invest more in proprietary information technology realize faster profit growth, much higher revenue per employee and increasingly wider profit margins.

Specialized companies like Management Insights Group use high-end programming techniques to design and optimize tools to analyze data. Combined with sophisticated algorithms they can squeeze out costs, remove manual tasks, and free employees and owners for running their businesses better which is key to effective revenue management.

Understanding the prospects in the your database is an essential part of revenue management.

We offer powerful insights using sophisticated algorithms to provide you with tools to help you manage your prospect participation.

We provide two levels of prospect analysis services providing budget flexibility. Our goal is to help you maintain the financial balance you strive to maintain in order to strengthen vital services.

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"We offer to you, through an amazing amount of sophisticated complexity, what appears to you, the customer, as an amazing amount of simplicity." -Robert Majdak Sr.

We do this through our proprietary product design delivered to you through our Software as a Service (SaaS) product delivery system. 

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