The Problem We Have Solved For Nonprofits


Nonprofits are needing analytical tools that are powerful, easy to use, and affordable.


  1. ...are looking for a way to easily understand their donor pyramid. They need an intuitive solution.
  2. ...are looking for data that is as accurate as donor transactions occur. They need a real-time solution.
  3. ...are looking for consistent donor management methods rather than the flavor of the day methods. They need a stable solution.
  4. ...are wanting to be prompted when a donor at their current level, is ready to move to the next level. They need a harvesting solution.
  5. ...are looking for donors in the base that are more valuable in another track rather than the annual giving track. They need a flexible solution.
  6. ...are looking for "when" is the right timing to translate a donor towards a capital project. They need a forecasting solution.
  7. ...are looking for tools that can do all these things for specified individuals, demographics and groups. They need a data-mining solution.
  8. ...need Management Insights Group Prospect Management Solutions now! We have the intuitive, real-time, stable, harvesting, flexible, forecasting, data-mining solution that is easy to operate while keeping the sophisticated algorithms discreetly behind the scenes. 


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